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Message for Mrs Howlett, Headteacher (24.04.20)


Dear Parents and Carers


I hope you are well and are staying safe at home, at the start of this Summer Term and in these unusual circumstances. It is important to continue to adhere to the Government guidelines. It is really important that we do exactly what we are being told to do in these times, by doing so we will all help to reduce the risks of COVID 19.


I hope your family is continuing to enjoy being able to spend time as a family and to look after your physical and mental health, which is vitally important at this time.


I know there has been a lot of hype in the press about schools reopening. This hype is unhelpful and at this time there are no plans to reopen and we will continue to only be open to those children of critical workers and to those families that have been identified by the school and local authority. We will reopen when we are told to do and only when it is safe to do so.


We were open all over the Easter holidays and we are proud to continue to support the children of our critical key workers and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents who are critical workers who are doing everything they can to help support the national effort to fight COVID 19.


Please continue to access the opportunities for home learning via our website As per my previous communications, we are suggesting a maximum of 2-3 hours per day spent on home learning and please only do as much as you feel your family circumstance allows. What is most important to me is that our families stay physically and mentally well. You know your children/child best and please do not be troubled by the amount of work being provided by school, be pleased, as we want to give you as many opportunities and activities across a range of themes, projects and subjects to help as possible, but to what extent your child completes these is up to you.


You can use Seesaw and Tapestry to share your child’s learning with their teacher and I would like you as parents to share your strength, your calm and your laughter with your children. I want every child to have happy memories throughout this unsettled period and I want as much as possible for our lovely Newtown community to stay safe.


Our lovely Newtown Community includes our friends at Gosport Borough Football Club who are organising food parcels for our families each week. If you are in need of a food parcel, please contact the school office and we will organise this for you.


Myself and the staff miss everyone very much and we cannot wait until we are back together with the pupils again. When this period is over, no one will be left behind, our fabulous teachers will make sure of that, whenever the time comes that we return to school. In the meantime, please stay in touch with your child’s class teacher via Seesaw, tapestry or via the school email address and I hope to see everyone soon.


Kindest regards

Mrs. Howlett