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Forces Club

Introduction from Mrs Blythe - Forces Club Leader


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mrs Penny Blythe. My current roles within Newtown C of E Primary School are; Manager of Early Birds and Tea-timers Clubs and I am the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor. What you may not know is that my husband served for 23 years with the Queens Royal Hussars (formerly Royal Irish & Queens Own). We were based in Germany (Paderborn Garrison) and two of my three children attended Service Children’s Schools, as well as Civilian Schools. So, as mother of service children and a wife of a serving soldier, I have an understanding of the complex needs and issues that surround a family within the military.

My aim is to provide a safe and caring environment for your children, providing support not just at the time of deployment but throughout the year and their time at Newtown. We will be running a weekly (after school) club on Thursdays from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. This will allow your children to spend time together and form friendships with other service children. I have lots of ideas for projects, fun activities and ways to support both the children and their families emotionally and practically, as I develop the club; this will of course take time.


My daughter, Micheala Hayes, also helps in forces club on a voluntary basis. Having been a forces child herself, she understands the complex needs a forces child may have.

Our first project to create a ‘Remembrance Garden’ has been completed recently; this is now an area for reflection that can be used throughout the year.


I look forward to meeting you all and would value any thoughts or ideas you may have to improve the care and support I’m aiming to provide for your children.


Mrs Blythe

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