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Welcome! • We have limited spaces in all year groups so please get in touch if you would like your child/children to start school with us • Stay and Play sessions for toddlers and preschoolers take place every Tuesday morning •

Uniform Information





Black/grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers

Black/grey trousers

White school-logo or plain polo shirt

White school-logo or plain polo shirt

Red sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without school logo)

Red sweatshirt or tank top (with or without school logo)

White socks or grey tights

Grey or black socks

Brown or black shoes

Brown or black shoes

Red fleece with logo (optional)

Red fleece with logo (optional)


Red and white check dress – any style

White school-logo or plain polo shirt

Sandals or shoes (no high heels)

Black/grey shorts or trousers


We encourage our pupils to have a pride in their school and wearing the correct school uniform represents this. 


We request that children wear school shoes, as plimsolls and trainers are for use during PE lessons only, with boots or heavy soled shoes for outdoor grounds lessons/work. High heeled shoes should never be worn.


School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and t-shirts with logo may be purchased from Skoolkit in Fareham, along with book bags and PE bags.


Jewellery (apart from watches and studs in pierced ears) must not be worn.


PE Clothing

Children in both KS1 and KS2 should wear shorts (preferably black) and a white t-shirt. Red or black sweatshirts and jogging bottoms can be used during colder months. Shorts should be worn for indoor gymnastic lessons.


All children will require plimsolls (preferably pull on style or Velcro for younger children) and a drawstring bag in which to keep their classroom.


All items of personal property should be marked clearly with your child’s name.


Please see our Uniform Policy for more information and clarification.