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Welcome! • We have limited spaces in all year groups so please get in touch if you would like your child/children to start school with us • Stay and Play sessions for toddlers and preschoolers take place every Tuesday morning •

Lockdown Measures as of 4th November 2020


Following the Prime Ministers announcement on 31st October 2020, we are still awaiting specific guidance from the Government on how and if this impacts schools and our daily operation.


However, there has been some definitive measures put in place that the nation needs to follow which will impact some of the procedures at Newtown C of E Primary School:



Attendance for children at Primary School is mandatory. All absences not relating to sickness or illness will be classes as unauthorised.  The Department for Education has been clear to state that “the government are keeping schools open during lockdown because the education and wellbeing of pupils is a national priority and that have already lost crucial learning time”.


Collection of children

As from Thursday 5th November, children can only be collected by someone living within their household or by someone fulfilling childcare arrangements e.g. childminder or grandparents. Children will not be able to be collected by anyone that does not fill this criteria and codes will not be given out to allow other adults/friends to collect.


Departing the school site

Once you have dropped off your child at school in the morning and collected your child at the end of the school day, please can we implore that parents and carers leave the site and cycle-path area immediately and return to your own homes. We cannot have lingering of any kind on or near the site, due to the national lockdown.


One parent/carer at all times

To limit the number of adults on site, we are continuing to inforce a strict rule of one adult only to collect and drop off children.


Face Coverings

Due the number of Coronavirus cases rising in the local area, we are asking ALL adults to wear a face-covering when on the school site. This is to protect all members of the Newtown Community including the staff. All staff will be wearing face-coverings at drop off and collection points and when talking to parents/carers.


Social distancing

Please can we ask all parents and carers to strictly adhere to the yellow markers on site when dropping off and collecting your children. It is critical that everyone keeps to a 2 metre distance, even when talking with each other and to staff members. We have received a number of complaints from parents who see children mixing with other children and adults on departure from the school site. It is imperative that families keep a safe distance from each other.


Visitors inside the school building

We will be limiting the number of visitors coming into the school building, including parents. Most meetings will now take place via telephone or video call. Please use the school telephone number 02392 584048 to leave a message for a member of staff, who will call you back outside of learning time.


Other activities

At this stage we are unsure how the lockdown and subsequent guidance will affect After School Club, Rock Steady, Karate and other activities. We will communicate any further updates as soon as we have been notified.


Thank you for your support and understanding. I will endeavor to communicate any further updates to you as and when I receive this from the Government. Please keep safe and if you need any further support please do not hesitate to contact the school.