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I know for a number of you, you have been waiting the list of key workers. This is guidance, as there has been nothing from the Government yet, and is likely to change.
School will close at the end of Friday 20th March and pupils will then not attend school until the advice from the Government changes.
For any concerns, please see me in the morning or leave a telephone message. All decisions will be subject to the Headteacher's discretion.
We will need to see proof of employment and both parents MUST qualify as a key worker.
We can be flexible to a certain extent but will need to be able to finalise numbers of children tomorrow to ensure the safety of the children. We will need to confirm final numbers by 3:30pm tomorrow.
We are working with schools across Gosport to ensure a consistent message for all parents.
While our school will be closed for general pupils, all schools across the Country are being asked to run an emergency service for the children of key workers in essential services so that they are able to continue to work. At the moment we have not received the definitive list of key workers from the Government but in Hampshire it is likely to look like this:
  • Health Care Staff
  • Social Care Staff
  • Education Staff
  • Military Personnel
  • Emergency Services
  • Council Workers needed for essential work
  • Drivers delivering essential goods
There is no expectation that children have of these key workers have to attend school. If you fall into this group and wish to make other arrangements, then you are welcome to do so.
The Government is also asking that we continue to provide education and support for children who have an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP), children who have a social worker assigned to the family, those families receiving Early Help, and children receiving support from the Primary Behaviour Service. Please note for some children with an EHCP, they should be self isolating or social distancing for medical reasons.
Again there is no requirement that children in these groups have to come to school, but they will be welcome should parents or carers choose this option.
Kindest regards
Mrs E Howlett