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Quick Updates - 01/12/2020


Christmas Cards

If your child would like to distribute Christmas Cards to their friends this year, please can we ask that they only write cards to other children in their current year group. Christmas Cards can be brought into school from tomorrow, however these will be kept by the class teacher for distribution on the last day of term. Due to the 72hours quarantine period for items brought in from home, the deadline for the class teacher to be given Christmas Cards for the class/year will be Monday 14th December 2020.


Birthday sweets/gifts

We have reviewed our policy for children bringing in sweets to give out on their birthday. Your child may now bring in sweets to be distributed to the other pupils in their class. These must NOT contain nuts of any kind. We ask that these are individually wrapped and are given to the teacher at least 72 hours before distribution. The class teacher will then distribute these at the end of the school day to be consumed with parent supervision.


Collection Times

Please can we ask that parents keep to their staggered collection times. Some parents are beginning to arrive on site too early and this is creating a bottle neck of adults on site at one time. We must all work together to ensure we are all as safe as possible in this pandemic period. Please can we also ask parents of small children and toddlers to ensure your younger children are waiting with you, behind the yellow lines, at all times. Teachers have reported that small children are coming up to the classroom doors and banging on the doors which disturbs the class and their learning at the end of the day.


Thank you for your support