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Celebration Collective Worship - Friday 10th September 2021


It was wonderful to celebrate our first week "back to normal" with our first whole school Celebration Collective Worship in a while.


Mrs Mitchell led the Collective Worship and explained to the children how proud the grown-ups had been with how focused the children have been during their first week back at school. 



For the most effort made by a class this week to keep their class area neat and tidy.


PIP AND POLLY WINNERS - Izabella (Robins) and Sam (Robins)

For demonstrating our Christian ethos values and learning behaviours at lunchtime.


RESPECT AWARD WINNERS - Year 6 Owls and Eagles

Any adult within the school can nominate the most respectful class. A tally chart of votes is added up every Friday and the class with the most points/votes at the end of the week is the winner, who receive extra break time.



These children have been nominated by their class teacher, because they have consitently displayed our Christian ethos values and learning behaviours during the week, both inside and outside the classroom:

Lily - Bumblebees

Evie-Rae - Ladybirds

Isla - Kingfishers

Max - Robins

Oscar - Hedgehogs

Evan - Squirrels

Amelia - Otters

Sofie - Rabbits

Ryan - Badgers

Darcie - Foxes

Jackson - Eagles

Ryan - Owls



The Whole School! Mrs Mitchell gave these awards to every class as the first week is really tricky remembering bags, lunches, getting ready on time; everyone had been really trying this week, so each class received a plate of cookies!

For the classes have had the most pupils in school, on time, this week