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New Year R Parents' Evening for September 18 starters on Wednesday 25th April at 5:30 - 6:30pm; refreshments and creche available. Good Luck to our Rock Challenge performers for their show day on Tuesday, you have all worked so hard, well done! Year 3 swimming begins on Monday, please remember to bring your swimming kit, towel and water bottle.

Ethos Values

Our Christian Ethos Values


What are Christian Ethos Values?


Values are universally accepted principles that guide good behaviour. These Christian ethos values are based on the qualities that the schools consider its pupils to need to develop into good learners and citizens.

Our Christian ethos values underpin the Christian distinctiveness of Newtown CE Primary School and are intertwined in all we do – through our Collective Worship, celebrating learning and personal achievements, embracing world faiths and views and welcoming visitors into our happy school.

This year we have worked with all stakeholders to agree on our school Christian ethos values. Following discussions with staff, governors, parents and children it was decided that our Christian ethos values should be:

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As a Church school we are aware of our deeply Christian character, and although we acknowledge that these values can be seen as Christian, they are not exclusively so, and we believe are accepted by people of all faiths or no faith at all.  Through Collective Worship, we explore the Christian ethos values, reflect on how they are exemplified in Bible and fiction stories and during the school day adults make reference to the values so that children understand the meaning of these as applied to their own lives.