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Last day of term is Friday 20th July - children can bring in games to play provided they are not electronic.

Year 6

Year 6 started the school year looking at the Savannah. We made deserts and learned about the many different geographical features of the African continent, the Massi Tribe and the evolution of both animals and humans so they can survive in their chosen environment.
Using the book 'Journey to Joburg', we focused our English on non chronological reports and cohesive writing. We learned to read aloud think aloud and we started looking at persuasive writing and suspense stories.

In maths we looked at using the four operations, ratio, proportion and measure. Students got out onto the playground and learned to link how to measure real objects vs measuring diagrams.

In PE we covered dance and gymnastics as well as honing our hockey and netball skills.

Within our weekly French lessons, we learnt basic greetings, numbers, colours and the vocabulary needed for a conversation. These lessons will continue in the summer term.


Year 6 started the Spring Term by researching about the planet Pandora. Within our English lessons we worked hard to develop our vocabulary and applied it by writing setting and character descriptions. We then designed our own animals that could have lived on Pandora and used these as inspiration to write non-chronological reports. We then stepped into the shoes of a space voyager and wrote 'Star Trek-style' captains logs about what we might see if we were able to travel into space.
We've loved the creative arts project Mrs Harlow has designed this half term which allowed us to use our painting skills to generate landscapes of planets similar to Pandora. 


Alongside this project, we've also had daily maths sessions. We start every maths lesson with a set of arithmetic questions It's been great to see our scores improve each week and develop our understanding of the four operations. Our maths learning journey's are all based around a problem. This gives our maths lessons purpose and context. Due to the use of problem solving, we've already covered addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and statistics this half term. 

As part of our PE curriculum, Year 6 have been working with Portsmouth in the Community. The project has enabled us to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy by combining exercise and a good diet. 


Our project for Spring 2 is based around the Alex Rider books written by Anthony Horowitz. We'll be writing diaries and debating as part of our English lessons to enable us to write from contrasting points of view. We'll also be looking at Alex Rider within our DT sessions where we will be designing and creating our own spy gadgets. In maths, we will be covering the four operations, fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra.