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Last day of term is Friday 20th July - children can bring in games to play provided they are not electronic.

Year 5

Autumn Term 1
Year 5 were buzzing with excitement this term with all our science work about Earth and Space .The children learnt about the nine planets in our Solar System and whether they are rocky or gassy planets. In DT we all designed a Moon Buggy. We used our skills with numbers beyond 10,000 to calculate the distances between planets in our maths lessons.
World Space Day was on Wednesday 4th October and Year 5 celebrated space travel with an afternoon of space tasks; space agility tests, parachute design and zero gravity tasks. In English the children were inspired by the film Baboon in the Moon and they wrote diaries to their loved ones on Earth. They also created non-fiction pages about our Solar System using their scientific knowledge. 


Autumn Term 2
Autumn 2 began with a horrific disaster in Year 5. During the night our classrooms were rocked by an earthquake. We all arrived the following day to a scene of devastation, with upturned tables and chairs scattered across the room. WE all became newspaper reporters and set out to investigate the disaster and write a newspaper report. With this disaster fresh in our minds we started to research the most dangerous place in the world for disasters; the Pacific Ring. In Geography we mapped the volcanoes in the area and countries that were affected.


Spring Term 1
This term we were exploring the lives of the Ancient Greeks in our, “Legends,” topic. We will be 
Investigating various aspects of ancient Greek life from myths and storytelling, ancient Greek pottery to the legacies from this amazing civilisation, such as the Modern Olympics and democracy.  In English we learnt about the adventures of Odysseus and particular enjoyed the story of the Cyclops. We used this as a starting point for planning, writing and publishing our own mythical stories.


Spring Term 2 
In spring 2 we are, “Off on our travels,” and we will be exploring Gosport’s twin town, Royan in France. We will be comparing the town with our home town Gosport; its history, layout and special features.  We are also hoping to practise our French and write some letters to children in a local school in Royan. In science we are learning about local Hampshire habitats and will be visiting the Search Museum in Gosport to investigate this more.