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Last day of term is Friday 20th July - children can bring in games to play provided they are not electronic.

Year 4

Our project this term has been Bright Ideas. We based our learning around this concept. We explored a book called ‘Fantastically great Women who changed the world’. In this book we were able to see the great ideas of different women and the impact they had on our world. During this, the children had the opportunity to write the bright ideas of Willy Wonka and create their own page to add to the book. In science we looked at electricity and explored circuits, shadows, conductors and insulators.


In P.E we have been working with planet education and studied tag rugby and developed passing skills to another player.  We also had the opportunity to develop our skills of dance, sequencing movements together to my light house.

In P4C we developed our questioning skills based around a man in a lighthouse and the surprising community support he had.
Alongside this, we’re very lucky to take part in keyboard lessons which will result in a concert at the end of the term.
In maths we have been learning about fractions, graphs, multiplication and division. We have had the opportunity to use these skills to answer solve problems given to us at the start of the unit.

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