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Y6 Owls and Eagles

Welcome to Year 6!

Summer 1


Year 6 have chosen "War Horse" as their next topic. Although this will be a narrative led unit, the text will be used to structure the project to ensure we are exposed to many of the curriculum areas.


To kick-start the topic and hook us in, the children will take part in a World War 1 experience where they will hear the sounds and see the sights of the trenches. This will ensure they have the best possible understanding of how it felt to be on the front line.


As you may have guessed, in Guided Reading, we will be applying the reading skills we have developed this year to study War Horse written by Michael Morpurgo.


In History, we will be taking part in a local history study. Our school is – very fortunately – placed on the south coast of the UK and has strong links to action during both World War 1 and World War 2. In recent years, a replica World War One battlefield where soldiers trained in trench warfare before being sent to the front was found beneath heathland at the Ministry of Defence's Browndown site in Gosport. We are going to consider how WW1 impacted the local area and we may even convince our teachers to take us to the site of the replica trenches.


Our English will then focus on putting ourselves into the shoes of a soldier on the frontline. We will be writing diary entries, setting descriptions of no-mans land and emotive letters home. If our previous emotive writing is anything to go by, prepare for a few tears.


In Art, we have taken inspiration from the Captain America propaganda used in World War 2. We don’t think it is reasonable that the soldiers of World War 2 were denied a mascot and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design one.


Our Music lessons will involve composing our own war songs. These will be upbeat and merry in the hope that they would have rallied the troops in their darkest hours.


In Science, we will be considering different animals that were used in World War 1 and working systematically to classify them. We will also reflect on the characteristics that would make a horse most suitable for war.


All of these curriculum areas will be drawn together in our P4C sessions where we will be considering how it would have felt to fight in World War 1. The War Horse film will be used as a stimulus to ensure we all have the opportunity to consider a ‘big idea’.



All this will happen in conjunction with our daily Maths sessions, weekly PE, Computing and French.