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School Values + Ethos and Learning Values.

Newtown Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) School provides education in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England. Worship, religious education and spiritual development are at the heart of every aspect of the work of this school.


Our objective is to develop ambitious, confident, caring, respectful and tolerant young citizens of the future, who take an active role in their communities and believe that they have a voice in shaping their world.


Our Vision


At Newtown we provide a child-centred approach to learning in a nurturing, safe and happy environment.


We strive to nurture self-esteem and raise academic achievement by celebrating each child's uniqueness and provide high quality, engaging and valuable learning experiences.


We will encourage our pupils to…


  • Achieve more than they thought possible
  • Become courageous learners who seek challenge
  • Develop emotional maturity and resilient attitudes
  • Be polite, caring and respectful towards others
  • Be curious about learning and the world they are part of

Ethos Values



Christian values underpin all that we do at Newtown CE Primary School. We feel it is important for both adults and children alike to understand that Christian values are based on God and the work of Jesus Christ. We believe that the understanding and application of Christian values strengthens the school community’s spiritual development and this is reflected through daily deeds and actions. Our core Christian values are: courage, creativity and respect. As a school we have chosen these to enhance the curriculum and daily school life. Each half term we focus on a different Christian value, explicitly through our collective worship time, but also through our curriculum as well. Children have the opportunity to reflect on each value and to develop an understanding of the value in action.

Basic to the Christian faith is the belief that God is present in every situation, and this has led to great acts of courage. Courage takes many forms: it may mean facing up to opposition or personal danger; it may mean overcoming your personal fears or phobias; it could mean making a stand for what is right. This could relate to challenging oneself to do one’s best, standing up to bullying, or tackling personal problems, such as ill health. In school, we positively support children who are facing personal difficulties and help them to face these problems with courage. We encourage everyone to persevere in the face of difficulty.



Respect is acknowledging God’s greatness and accepting dependence; it is being in awe of what God’s creations and people that we look up to. It is important to that we learn to treat others with respect, even if we do not agree with the way they behave, or the things they say. We should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully.



Ancient paintings hidden deep inside dark caves, huge stones arranged on hillsides and plains, buried pots and intricate jewellery show us that from earliest times human beings have wanted to design and create beautiful things. Each of us is creative, but we all have different gifts and abilities. Some of us love to paint, others to cook:some like to make music, others to build models…

Learning Values

Our Learning Values are:


  • Resilience
  • Focus
  • Independence
  • Self-Regulation
  • Respect
  • Boundaries