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New Year R Parents' Evening for September 18 starters on Wednesday 25th April at 5:30 - 6:30pm; refreshments and creche available. Good Luck to our Rock Challenge performers for their show day on Tuesday, you have all worked so hard, well done! Year 3 swimming begins on Monday, please remember to bring your swimming kit, towel and water bottle.

Awards - celebration assembly

The Golden Broom Award


The Golden Broom is an award to encourage children to look after their belongings and the environment they learn in by keeping their classroom area clean and tidy. This is awarded every week by Mr Newman, the Senior Site Manager, to the class that is kept the most tidy and clean.


And the winners are........


Week commencing 26th March

Year 1, Bumblebees


Week commencing 19th March

Year 4, Otters


Week commencing 12th March

Year R, Dragonflies & Grasshoppers


Week commencing 5th March

The Lodge


Week commencing 26th February

Year 5, Foxes 


Week commencing 19th February

Year 2, Sparrows


Week commencing 29th January

Year 5, Badgers


Week commencing 22nd January

Year 2, Sparrows


Pip, Polly & Top Table


These awards are chosen by our lunchtime staff and Chef Hosell in the kitchen. 


Pip is the politeness puppy, Polly the parrot is for showing school values in the lunch hall, and Top Table is for showing values throughout the lunchtime period. Children who are awarded the top table get to sit at the top table and invites some of their friends to join them.


Week commencing 19th March

Pip - Jacob Barrett, Year 3 Hedgehogs

Polly - Natasha Boardman, Year 2 Robins

Top Table - Holly Ough and Nahla Mulrain, Year R Dragonflies and Elliot Archer, Year R Grasshoppers


Week commencing 12th March

Pip - Corey Keen, Year 6 Eagles

Polly - Reggie Griffin, Year 4 Rabbits

Top Table - Rosie Petrie, Year 2 Sparrows, Edith Mavin, Year 5 Foxes and Ozzy Crouch, Year 2 Robins.


Week commencing 5th March 

Pip - Jacob Goode, Year 1 Bumblebees

Polly - Indie Cullen, Year 6 Eagles

Top Table - Ruby Philp, Year 6 Owls, Ally Howes, Year 3 Hedgehogs, Sonny Griffin, Year 2 Robins.


Week commencing 26th February

Pip - Holly Mulholland-Wood, Year 3 Hedgehogs

Polly - Demi Trowern, Year 3 Squirrels

Top Table - John Reid, Year 4 Rabbits, Chloe Taylor, Year 4 Rabbits and Eloise Shearman, Year 4 Rabbits.


Week commencing 19th February

Pip - Max Laganaro-Morris, Year 3 Squirrels

Polly - Daniela Caulea, Year 4 Rabbits

Top Table - John Reid, Year 4 Rabbits, Charlie Molyneaux, Year 4 Rabbits, and Dezi-Mai Lyons-Gipson, Year 4 Otters.


Week commencing 5th February

Pip - Declan Butler, Year 2 Sparrows

Polly - Tommi-Shaun Owen, Year 1 Bumblebees 

Top Table - Lucie Adams, Year 3 Hedgehogs, Aiden Cox, Year 4 Otters and Charlie Weir, Year 2 Sparrows.


Week commencing 29th January

Pip - Niamh Uden, Year 3 Squirrels

Polly - Coral Duncan, Year 2 Robins,

Top Table - Ella-Marrie Perrins-Pratt, Year 1 Bumblebees, Clementine Sullivan, Year 2 Robins, and Rumen Tsvetanov, Year 3 Squirrels.


Week commencing 22nd January

Pip - Alfie Molyneaux, Year 2 Sparrows

Polly - Logan Ritchie, Year 1 Robins

Top Table - Lily-Grace Thomas, Year 5 Foxes, William Bell, Year 3 Squirrels and Olivia Herron, Year 1 Robins.